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Kindergarten Math Star Worksheet

Kindergarten Math Star Worksheet
– present an appealing method for kindergarten children to understand and reinforce basic concepts. Since children learn best by doing and since children get bored quickly, providing them with well-designed, illustrated worksheets to do causes it to be easier and more fun in order for them to learn. Completing a worksheet also gives children a good sense of fulfillment.

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How to utilize worksheets for best effect:

  1. Give children worksheets appropriate to their level. Give an easy worksheet for a concept right after you teach that concept.
  2. The worksheets should require a kid to consider merely a little. If a kid finds any activity too hard, give him a less strenuous one. It is important that the child doesn’t get frustrated. Understand that different children have greatly varying quantities of comprehension and pace of learning.
  3. It will help if the worksheets are well-illustrated. Utilization of cartoon characters will make it more interesting for a child. Encapsulating common situations encountered at home, school, in the market place etc and using common objects proven to children will make the worksheets more relevant.
  4. Attempt to supplement each worksheet with a real-life activity. Like after a worksheet on counting, you can ask the little one to pick out 3 biscuits and 2 carrots from many.
  5. Remember, a kid is learning many new things at once. A child of the age has an amazing capacity to master many new things fast. He is able to also forget them equally fast. Doing many interesting worksheets with cartoons etc would be fun for him and would help continually reinforce what is learnt.

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Give positive feedback and encourage a child. His finer motor skills are only developing. Do not expect or try for perfection. Do not give any writing exercise too early i.e until he’s fully confident with holding a pencil. Spend sufficient time and continually reinforce the learning in day-to-day situations. Above all, it should be fun for the teacher and the taught!

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